It was late at night, the surroundings gradually became quiet, and it was the time for me to be alone with incense. I cannot remember when I started to form this habit. When I realized it, it was already an inseparable part of my daily life.  

I took out today’s harvest from the bag, and only picked the oil-rich agarwood piece by piece on the table, just like choosing the strong soldiers. Only in this way can they form the strongest army and accomplish their most noble mission, which is to give human a heavenly fragrance.  

Since the 16th century, Singapore has been the world's most important spice trading port, such as agarwood. As known to all, the production areas of agarwood are mainly distributed in Southeast Asian countries.   

Because of Singapore's unique geographical location, as well as the development of shipping and financial industries, it gradually becomes the largest international agarwood trading center.  

Almost everyone who engaged in the agarwood trading should know this place - Ruby Warehouse Complex Singapore, and agarwood worth billions of dollars is traded here every year. But for me, this is the farmers' market, where I can find the top and freshest raw materials first-hand, because I am a "chef", to be more precise, I am a "chef" who makes incense sticks.  

You can't make bricks without straw, nothing is more important than obtaining the best and first-hand raw materials, which can be used to make the highest quality incense.   

Of course, more importantly, do every step with heart. From the selection, processing, and extrusion must be done very carefully. Only in this way, I can make the most wonderful incense.  

It is a great honor to bring you the most beautiful incense artwork. Enjoy!