What is incense? For most of the people, incense is just a fragrance to give us emotional pleasure. However from the philosophy of Taoism, it is far more than that.  

For example, the famous -"Jiang zhen xiang (降真香)", the immortals will go down once smell this kind of incense.  

In the long history of humankind, no matter from which nation or which religion, all the immortals love incense, because it is the best nutrition for them. In Taoism, the food is divided into three levels. 

"上者食气,中者食药,下者食五谷": the lowest level is the grains which means our daily foods, like rice, vegetables, fruits or meat. The middle level are the herbs, such as ginseng, reishi or deer velvet and so on. The highest level or the best is Qi. What is Qi? I call it living energy, the nutrition for the invisible part of our bodies.   

Let us look at it from a scientific perspective. Almost 80 years ago, a Russian scientist - Semyon Kirlian develop a new technologies - Kirlian photography. As a result, the Aura or Qi of a substance or living creature can be detected. For the first time, the ancient Taoist theories can be verified by scientific instruments.  

One day many years ago, when I was testing different incenses and aloeswoods. I felt an energy flowing from the nose to the brain then to other parts of my body, and my eyes suddenly became brighter and the brain became much clearer. Since then, I have been addicted to making incense by myself and also struggling to find how to make the incense with highest energy.   

One of my best incense is the Samadhi, its recipe was from an ancient temple. The most interesting thing is that when you smell it, you would feel the Qi flowing along the Du Mai (Governing Vessel). According to ancient Taoist theories, it is very important to break three barriers (Wei lü, Jia Ji, Yu Zhen) and finally open the Governing Vessel during meditation. This incense can help us to open the Du Mai and greatly increase the Aura or Qi of our bodies.  

The data from Aura machine clearly shows that, after ten minutes of smelling Samadhi. The Aura from seven parts of our bodies increased 2-5 times. Other data also proved it is also very useful to prevent drowsiness, listless in meditation and our daily lives.  

All along, my motivation for making incense is to let everyone know the beauty of incense and the wisdom of our ancestors.