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Worship Taoism

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    100% hand-made incense

    Package: 5 gram

    Ingredient: SINKING TARAKAN agarwood, Premium Nha Trang agarwood, etc.

    Sinking Tarakan is one of the best agarwood in the world, which absorbs the essence of nature for hundreds years. Usually it is only sold in bracelet or pendant with a high price! The first time, it was made in incense sticks.
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    I received this beautiful Incense today. First of all the packing was some of the best packing, I have seen for a package like this. It makes you want to just keep the box closed and stare at the beauty! The seller was kind enough to send 3 sample incense sticks!! The Worship Taoism stick, is hands down probably one of the best incense stick I have smelled to date. The pure agarwood which is so noticeable leaves you in awe! Its made from Sinking Tarakan agarwood along with Nha Trang. What more could you ask for? Hints of spices, cinnamon, minty, and earthy features speak from this stick! I am so glad I was shown this person website and will definitely buy more in the future! A true incense master!!

    Wonderful incense, and fast shipping from half-way around the world :)